Referent der DATAGOVKON2020

Yaniv Naor

As a devoted data specialist, Yaniv currently serves as the HUGO BOSS Master Data Management business lead. He is an experienced global enterprise business leader and strategist in Master Data Management and data governance. He has Led various enterprise system integrations  in the fields of enterprise data management , governance and solution architecture various industries (pharmaceuticals , A&D (Aerospace and Defence) , consulting , fashion , retail ) and serves as a thought leader (Subject matter expert) and visionary, with the ability to guide, influence and inspire peak performance, innovation and adoption of data and analytics solutions across the companies value chain. Yaniv has gained Knowledge and hand on experience  in the last 17 years developing and implementing of global enterprise data management systems in the areas of Supply chain, logistics , HR ,ERP & CRM.
"I feel that as the world is changing and becoming more and more digital, the need for data management and data governance grows within each and every organization. MDM is not a trend anymore, It became a must have methodology that is transferred into actual actions   that have to be implemented and ongoing evaluated in order to be aligned with the evolving business needs."

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