Referenten der DATAGOVKON2020

Clemens Baader

Clemens Baader is a bilingual (English/German) senior executive who supports sustainable growth across multinational businesses by building high performing Data & Analytics functions to enable innovation and drive productivity.

He drives the design and execution of the overall data strategy on C-/ExCo level, “translating” business needs into analytics language - ensuring that insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale across the organisation.

After spending the first half of his career working in quantitative trading, Clemens focused his strong understanding of analytics outside of capital markets, which saw him excel as a data scientist, management consultant (focusing on advanced analytics projects), and now at board level as a Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer at a major specialty finance company in London.

Clemens Baader is the Chief Data Officer of International Personal Finance plc (IPF), a leading provider of home credit and digital loans in 11 international markets. He is based in London.

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